Mzinga Incubation Program

Fostering SME access to long-term finance through listing on the Malawi Stock Exchange

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The Mzinga incubation program is one of the key strategic initiatives being implement by the Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) aimed at improving access to patient and affordable capital for SMall and Medium Enterprises (SME's) through capacity building, which will enhance SME's readiness to list on the MSE under the Enterprise Development and Growth Exchange (EDGEx) platform.

The Mzinga incubation program is being implemented with funding from the World Bank through the Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Scaling project (FInES).

How it works


The incubation program will enroll SMEs that have an intention to raise capital through listing on the MSE under EDGEx platform who will then be attached to a number of transaction advisers with the aim of providing them with the requisite knowledge and assistance in the form of guidance.  This process is envisaged to be done over a period of eighteen (18) months. It is hoped that this hand-holding process for the identified companies will offer tailor-made solutions and instant-help wherever and whenever necessary and thereby help to remove any fears or misconceptions that may have been associated with listing.

Eligibility requirements


The entry requirements into the program are as follows:

Company must be registered (or willing to register) with Registrar of Companies
Minimum subscribed capital of K250 million
Audited accounts for immediate two (2) years, no profit history is required
If company has a Board, evidence of Board approval to join incubation program
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SMEs that enroll in the Mzinga incubation program will open their business to vast opportunities for raising patient and affordable capital and for collaboration with strategic partners. Some of the specific attendant benefits are as follow:

Building capacity of organisation in structuring and packaging the business as a bankable project.
Profiling of the business and its related products and services due to media coverage of the companies under the incubation program.
Access to technical support and guidance provided by experts within the capital market ecosystem.
Enrolment into the program provides a structured path towards listing.


There are no application fees to enroll into the Mzinga Incubation Program.

 The SMEs that enroll into the Mzinga Incubation Program will however be required to pay a fee of K750,000.00 during the duration of the program.


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